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All PhD candidates are concerned about employment, lectures, giving talks, teaching, writing a thesis… The PhD candidates’ network of University of Liège, called ReD, was created in February 2007 to gather all PhD candidates and help them share their achievements, worries, experiments between themselves.


Organization of the PhD candidates’ network

The network is organized around three axes: Information, Training and Participation. Information is disseminated via its website, its Facebook group and its newsletter (three times a year). Regularly, the network organizes activities (see below). All of this would be impossible without the participation of the PhD candidates. Indeed, they form the core of the network, as representatives, active members, coordinators or simply passive members.ReD_organization_en

  • Representatives

To enable all PhD candidates to exploit the network, each doctoral college chooses one PhD candidate as a representative. His missions are to inform, guide and represent the PhD candidates. A list of the representatives is available here.

Moreover, the representative are the link between the four coordinators of the network and the PhD candidates. Indeed, information by mail is often quickly forgotten. But the representatives have physical contact with the other PhD candidates of their college.

  • Coordinators

To ensure the life of the network, there are four coordinators: communication, general, logistics and participation. The communication coordinator is responsible of the website, Twitter account, Facebook group and newsletters. The general coordinator supervise the network and represent it to the different University Authorities. The logistics coordinator is in charge of the budget and management of the premises. The participation coordinator is responsible of the communication between the representatives.

Each year in June, the network hold a council where the new coordinators are elected for one academic year. Here are the names of the current coordinators.

  • Active members

The active members are motivated PhD candidates with an interest for one activity and who want to be part of the organization of this activity. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us by mail or through the Contact page.

Activities and contributions of the PhD candidates’ network

During the academic year the network organizes different activities. Some are formative, others are informal. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these activities, given by chronological order.

  • Welcome drink in several faculties in October

It is the occasion for new PhD candidates to meet older PhDs from the same college.

  • « Rentrée des doctorants » in October

This traditional event marks the beginning of the new academic year for PhDs. This year, « Rentrée des doctorants » started with a political debate, in French, about the future of research in Belgium. Then three workshops were organized in parallel. The first one « Doctoral training » was really interesting for new PhD candidates. The second one « Post doc » was about postdoctoral position and the third one « Welcome session » was especially designed for incoming PhD students. The latest was the only one held in English and topics such as healthcare, social life in Liège were discussed.

  • PhD candidates’ breakfast in January

The network always organizes a free breakfast for PhD candidates. This is an informal social event to help PhD candidates to share their experiments with others and not stay alone in their office!

  • Doc’ Cafés

There are public scientific meetings where researchers present their work to the public around a cup of coffee. There are held, about three times a year, in the café of « La Sauvenière » a movie theater near Place Xavier Neujean. Note that, since it is open to everyone, these are French-speaking meetings.

  • LaTeX training in spring

As for formative training, the network organizes a LaTeX formation open to all PhD candidates. Roughly speaking, LaTeX is a computer program for typesetting documents. It is pretty useful to write maths but not only. It is also adapted for social sciences (see here).

  • Conferences

These conferences, such as « How to give good talks? » can be taken into account for the doctoral training of PhD candidates.

  • ReD council in June

At the end of the academic year, the network holds a council with all the representatives of the PhD candidates and all ReD active members. During this meeting, the four coordinators are elected for the next academic year.

  • Barbecue in June

Last year, the ReD council was followed by a barbecue. It was the occasion to show the 12 selected photos of the photo contest « Once upon a time, my PhD… » organized earlier in the year. These photos were also used to produce a calendar, full of useful information and links for PhD candidates. These calendars were given for free to all PhD candidates!

  • Contributions of the network

The ReD contributes to various projects such as the edition of an online guide « Pars en thèse » for PhD candidates and an international contest « Ma thèse en 180 secondes » where participants present their thesis subject in three minutes with only one static slide.
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